Girl, You Got This

Hey girl,

I know deep within your heart you are doing so much to attain self-love.  I know, firsthand, the price girls pay to find this inner love at the expense of our body.  The years I spent trapped in an inner darkness about how I looked are painful memories and I was paralyzed by them. The darkness, the hurts, the self-loathing of who I was and what I looked like took all my energy.  I exercised for hours a day, not because I wanted too, but because I somehow “needed” to. As if I would feel more loved after each sit-up.  I monitored what I ate and criticized myself for it.  When I saw no results; (that is, results of joy, self-acceptance, toning, and love for my body) I was defeated. 

Successfully, I remember losing 20 pounds, on my own, and still looking in the mirror saying, “Why am I still not happy?” 

The feminine body: our most prized possession, yet our biggest outlet of shame. 

I’m here because our most prized possession should NOT be seen as shameful.  The body IS the place of our being, experiences, battles, and discovery of God — we are walking temples of nurture, beauty, life, essentially, love.  What glory! Yet, why are we ashamed of this?

I know the Lord is tired of His daughters living in the darkness of body shaming, body-weight insecurity, and all the pressures we face in trying to love our curves to the fullest.  We are not believing in the truth and purpose of our bodies and it is making us miserable.  Thank God He came to life as a body to inspire us to transform our being. 

It’s time to truly find healing in Christ and listen to His plan to live fully and taste, see, touch, and smell the love God breathes in us. From the false perspectives we see, from the negativity, from the inability to see ourselves as lovely, from the lies we tell ourselves, from the poor ways we self-deprecate, and through offering ourselves forgiveness, in Jesus’ sacrifice for us, for the way we have shamed ourselves, we can start to live this journey in line with Christ’s plan for our fullness. His endearing love sinks deep within our hearts and gently rips out the shame and guilt that an intense workout won’t sweat out. More than anything, Christ’s love affirms in us that we are lovable,our bodies are good, what they do is remarkable, and no number, post, or outfit can bring what Love He pours into us. 

The truth:  freedom, love, energy, and motivation are not a number on a scale or a size on a pair of pants.  Your diet is not only what you eat, it’s what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, what you tell yourself, what you do emotionally, physically, and spiritually to fill your heart.

Xo, Shannon